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If you have linked two applications, you can also link between entities of the two applications. An entity is one of the following:

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To add an entity link:

  1. Log into your application as an administrator and navigate to the administration page for the entity:
  2. Choose the entity in your local application that you want to link from. For example, you may want to link a FishEye repository to another entity.
  3. The instructions for adding an entity will vary depending on the application, due to different user interfaces. However, the high level process is the same:
    1. Click 'Add Link' to open the add new entity link dialogue.
    2. Enter the name/key for the entity in the remote application that you want to link to, in the 'Key' field. For example, if you want to link to a JIRA project, enter the project key.
    3. (optional) Enter the alias for the entity in the 'Alias' field. This is the display name for the entity in your administration console.
    4. Click the 'Create' button to create the entity link.

Screenshot above: Linking to a JIRA project

Making an Entity Link the Primary Link
Deleting an Entity Link

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