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The Dragon Slayer's Guide is meant to be used with JIRA versions 6.4 and older.

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During the Atlassian Dragon Quest, you added just one user to your integrated suite: Charlie of Atlassian. Very soon you will want to add more users, and in particular users who are not administrators. You also configured all the Atlassian applications to centralize their user management in JIRA. We recommend that you use JIRA for all user and group management.

Below is a summary of how to add your new users in JIRA. Details are in the JIRA documentation.

  1. Go to JIRA in your browser.
  2. Click Administration in the top navigation bar.
  3. Choose UsersUsers..
  4. Click Add User.
  5. Enter the user information and click Add.
  6. Add the new user to the relevant groups, to give the user access to the Atlassian applications:


Dragons Stage 1 - Install JIRA
JIRA documentation

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