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You can download the Bamboo Administrator's Guide in PDF, HTML or XML formats.


Type CTRL-F to search the full Bamboo 1.0 Administrator's Guide on this page.


The Bamboo Administrator's Guide provides information for system administrators of Bamboo. If you have a question that hasn't been answered here, please let us know.

For more documentation please visit Bamboo Documentation.

For assistance with Bamboo, please log a support request.

Table of Contents

01. Configuring Projects and Plans

02. Configuring Build Resources

03. Triggering a Build

04. Managing Build Queues

05. Managing Users and Security

06. Configuring Email and Instant Messaging Notifications

07. Managing Data and Backups

08. Configuring System Settings

09. Configuring Plugins

Appendix A. Embedding Bamboo into Other Applications

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