Documentation for Confluence 2.10.
Documentation for [Confluence Cloud] and the latest Confluence Server is available too.

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An attachment is any file that is included with your page. Images, word documents, presentations, PDFs, multimedia and sound files are some examples of attachments. Attachments are useful when you want to share information that exists in another file format. Read more in the Attachment Overview.

When you attach a file to a page, Confluence makes a copy of the file and stores it on the server. File attachments in Confluence are contained in the 'Attachments' view of a page.

To attach a file, you need the 'Create Attachments' permission which is assigned by a space administrator from the Space Administration screens. See Space Permissions or contact a space administrator for more information.

Attaching and linking files via the 'Insert Link' icon

This page tells you how to use the 'Attachments' view to attach a file to a page. You can also attach files via the 'Insert Link' icon as described in Linking to an Attachment.

Handy Hint

Changes you make to the original file after you've attached it don't affect the copy in Confluence. To update the content of the file, you will need to upload a new version.

Attaching files

To attach a file to a page,

Go to the 'Attachments' view for the page. To do this:

  • Go to a page in the space, open the 'Tools' menu and select 'Attachments'. The 'Attachments' view will open.
  1. Click the 'Browse button.

  2. Browse through your files and select the file you'd like to attach.

  3. Enter a description for the attachment in the 'Comment' text field (optional).

  4. Click 'Attach more files' if required.

  5. Click 'Attach File(s)'.

Screenshot: Adding attachments

Attachment Versions

If you upload a file with the same name as an existing attachment, Confluence will rename the old file and maintain a version of it on the server. Read more about Attachment Versions and Viewing Attachment Details.

Attachment Information Icon

When a page you are viewing contains attachments, a small paperclip icon like this:     appears next to the page byline. Clicking the paperclip will take you to the 'Attachments View', where the full list of attachments is displayed.


Working with Attachments
Displaying an Image
Attachment Versions

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