Documentation for Confluence 3.4.
Documentation for [Confluence Cloud] and the latest Confluence Server is available too.

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This page is part of the Confluence Setup Guide.

Screenshot: Load Content

Select one of the following options:

  • Example Site — This option will load Confluence's 'Demonstration Space'. Select this if you are using Confluence for the first time, or if you want the Demonstration Space for your other Confluence users. The Demonstration Space helps to familiarise you with Confluence and what it can do for you. You can then continue using your Confluence deployment as normal — there's no need to reinstall later.
  • Empty Site — Select this option if you are already familiar with Confluence. You will need to create at least one space before you can start adding content to the site.
  • Restore from Backup — Select this option if you want to use Confluence data from a previous installation.

Next Steps

Restore your data from backup, if you have chosen that option.
Start using Confluence — see the Confluence User's Guide.


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