Documentation for Confluence 3.5.
Documentation for [Confluence Cloud] and the latest Confluence Server is available too.

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This guide will tell you how to upgrade from one version of Confluence to a later version. Choose the type of installation you are upgrading, and follow the link to the installation instructions.

Installation Type


Standalone distribution

The Standalone distribution is the simplest installation, using an Apache Tomcat application server bundled with the Confluence application. Choose this option if your existing Confluence installation is a Standalone deployment.
(tick) If in doubt, this is the one you want.

EAR/WAR distribution

Use this guide if you have deployed Confluence onto your own existing application server.

For Confluence Instances upgrading from a version prior to 2.7.X

You should upgrade to Confluence 2.7.4 as an interim step before proceeding to a version 3 release. This will ensure that Confluence migrates to the newer user management system properly. Please refer to "Troubleshooting Confluence Upgrades" for more information on problems that may occur.

Upgrading to Confluence 3.5.13?

If so, please review the Confluence 3.5.13 Upgrade Notes for important information about this version of Confluence. Ensure that you have read the Confluence Knowledge Base.

Also, we strongly recommend that you check the upgrade notes for every major version of Confluence that you are skipping, since there might be specific changes between Confluence versions that could affect your Confluence installation. The upgrade notes for recent major versions of Confluence are accessible from the Upgrade Notes Overview page.

Finally, please check the Supported Platforms page to ensure that your Java version, operating system, application server, database and browser are supported for this release of Confluence. The End of Support Announcements for Confluence page has important information regarding supported platforms.

Useful Plugins
Before installing a plugin into your Confluence site, please check the plugin's information page to see whether it is supported by Atlassian, by another vendor, or not at all. See our guidelines on plugin support.

Confluence Installation Guide