Documentation for GreenHopper 5.8.x. Documentation for other versions of JIRA Agile is available too.
GreenHopper is now called JIRA Agile. Learn more.

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The following pages provide information about the GreenHopper gadgets:

  • Using the Agile GadgetThe GreenHopper Agile Gadget allows you to view summaries of GreenHopper information from your projects directly on your JIRA dashboard. You can monitor the progress of versions, view charts and access common GreenHopper pages via the Agile gadget.
  • Using the Card View GadgetYou can use the GreenHopper Card View gadget to display a JIRA issue on your dashboard or on a Confluence page, in the format of a GreenHopper card. The gadget displays a single card at a time. You can configure the gadget to offer only one issue or to offer a series of issues from a given project. If you choose to offer a series of issues, the gadget will display 'next' and 'previous' arrows that people can click to move from one issue to the next.
  • Using the Cumulative Flow Chart GadgetThe GreenHopper Cumulative Flow Chart Gadget displays a Cumulative Flow Diagram on your JIRA dashboard.
  • Using the Days Remaining GadgetYou can use the GreenHopper Days Remaining gadget to see how long you have before the next release is due. The gadget displays the number of days before a given version of your project is due to be released. You can add a number of these gadgets to your dashboard, tracking different projects and versions.
  • Using the Hour Burndown Chart GadgetThe GreenHopper Hour Burndown Chart Gadget displays a series of line graphs showing the burndown for a given version.
  • Using the Project Progress GadgetThe GreenHopper Project Progress Gadget displays a colour-coded bar graph showing a concise summary of the number of issues in each column of your Task Board.
  • Using the Rapid View Wallboard GadgetThe GreenHopper Rapid View Wallboard Gadget displays a specified Rapid View on your Wallboard (or dashboard).
  • Using the Statistics Burndown Chart GadgetThe GreenHopper Statistics Burndown Chart Gadget displays a series of line graphs showing the burndown for a given version.
  • Using the Task Board GadgetThe GreenHopper Task Board Gadget displays a column of the Task Board for a specified version of a project. This gadget is only for use on the JIRA Wallboard.

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