Documentation for JIRA 4.0. Documentation for other versions of JIRA is available too.

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OAuth is a protocol that allows a web application to share data/resources with any other OAuth-compliant external application. These external applications could be another web application (such as a different JIRA installation or an iGoogle home page), a desktop application or a mobile device application, provided that they are accessible from within your network or available on the Internet.

For example, using OAuth, you could access your JIRA site's data through a JIRA dashboard gadget on an iGoogle page.

Key OAuth Terminology

  • Service provider — An application that shares ('provides') its resources.
  • Consumer — An application that accesses ('consumes') a service provider's resources.

The following pages contain detailed instructions on how to configure external applications to consume data from JIRA and how to configure JIRA to be a service provider. Additional information on OAuth is also available in our Gadgets and Dashboards documentation.

Configuring OAuth for JIRA

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