Documentation for JIRA 4.4. Documentation for other versions of JIRA is available too.

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When you spend some quality time creating a new screen with custom fields, you want to make people use it. This quick and dirty how-to helps make your screen implementation dreams come true!

1. The Screen

Create new screens to change the order of fields or add new custom fields to your display. Screens can be associated with issue operations (e.g. Create New Issue) or workflow transitions (e.g. Start Progess).

  1. Create the screen you would like to use.
    Administration->Issue Fields->Screens

2. The Screen Scheme

A Screen Scheme allows you to hook basic Issue Operations (View, Edit, Create) to specified screens. You can either use the same screen for each operation or live on the bleeding edge and assign a different screen for each operation.

  1. Create a screen scheme that uses this screen.
    Administration->Issue Fields->Screen Schemes->Add Screen Scheme
  2. Once you have added the screen scheme, configure the screen scheme by clicking Configure next to the newly listed screen scheme.
  3. Under the Add Issue Operation To Screen Association section, add each operation you would like to associate with this screen.

3. The Issue Type Screen Scheme

Issue Type Screen Schemes allow you to specify which Screen Scheme is associated with which issue type (e.g. Bug)

  1. Create a new Issue Type Screen Scheme
    Administration->Issue Fields->Issue Type Screen Scheme
  2. Under the Add Issue Type Screen Scheme section, add a new Issue Type Screen Scheme that uses your Screen Scheme.
    • Extra credit: You can click Configure next to your newly added Issue Type Screen Scheme in case you'd like to associate different Screen Schemes with different Issue Types. In this case, using the default setting is good enough.
  3. Associate the Issue Type Screen Scheme with your project
  4. Click on the name of the project you wish to modify.
  5. Under the Project, click the Select link next to Issue Type Screen Scheme.
  6. Select your newly created Issue Type Screen Scheme and associate it with the specified project.

Did it work?
Issues in the specified project should now be using your customized screen. Test they are by creating, editing and viewing issues. The screens should be shown for the issue operations you assigned to your screen in Step 2.