Documentation for JIRA 4.4. Documentation for other versions of JIRA is available too.

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The default dashboard is the screen that all JIRA users see the first time they login. Any users who have not added any dashboard pages as favourites also see the default dashboard.

JIRA allows Administrators to configure the default dashboard. The gadgets on the default dashboard can be re-ordered, switched between the left and right columns, additional gadgets can be added, and some gadgets can be configured. The layout of the dashboard (e.g. number of columns) can also be configured.

All changes made to the default dashboard will also change the dashboards of all users currently using the default. However, gadgets that users do not have permissions to see will not be displayed to them. For example, the 'Administration' gadget, although it may exist in the default dashboard configuration, will not be visible to non-admin users.

Gadgets are the information boxes on the Dashboard. JIRA comes pre-configured with a set of standard dashboard gadgets. It is also possible to develop custom gadgets and plug them into JIRA using its flexible plugin system.

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Adding and Configuring Gadgets on the Default Dashboard

  1. Log in as a user with the 'JIRA Administrators' global permission.
  2. Select 'Administration' > 'System' > 'User Interface' > 'System Dashboard' to display the 'Configure System Dashboard' page.
    (tick) Keyboard shortcut: 'g' + 'g' + start typing 'system dashboard'
  3. On the 'Configure System Dashboard' page, you can do the following:

(info) Please note:

  • JIRA's default dashboard is limited to only one dashboard page. However, users can add multiple pages to their own dashboards if they wish.
  • By default, there is a limit of 20 gadgets per dashboard page. If you wish to raise this limit, edit the file, set jira.dashboard.max.gadgets to your preferred value and then restart JIRA.

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