Documentation for JIRA 4.4. Documentation for other versions of JIRA is available too.

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Atlassian Software Systems is proud to present JIRA 3.12.

JIRA 4.4 has been released. Read the full JIRA 4.4 Release Notes and latest Upgrade Notes.

JIRA 3.12 provides a number of enhancements for the upcoming JIRA Studio. Because some of these enhancements may be of benefit to you, we have decided to provide them as a public release rather than making you wait until JIRA 4.0.

The major feature of this release is the ability to 'trust' Confluence. For people who use both JIRA and Confluence, the ability to configure a 'trust' relationship between the two will allow for a seamless end-user experience, e.g. the 'JIRA Issues' macro will now display exactly the same list of issues on a Confluence page that the user would see in the JIRA Issue Navigator. No longer is there a need to hard-code JIRA user names and passwords on a Confluence page. Note that you will need Confluence 2.7 (which is due for release this month) or later.

Also included in 3.12 is a new global permission, 'JIRA System Administrators'. This will be particularly useful for organisations where the JIRA administrators are not necessarily the same people who are responsible for maintaining the file system and network environment. Granting the 'JIRA System Administrators' permission to only a controlled number of people will give your Windows or UNIX administrators greater peace of mind, while people with the 'JIRA Administrators' permission can enjoy full control over JIRA-specific administration.

Upgrading to JIRA 3.12 is free for all customers with active JIRA software maintenance as at 30 November 2007.

Highlights of JIRA 3.12:

Upgrading to JIRA 3.12

JIRA 3.12 can be downloaded from the JIRA Download Center. Before upgrading, please refer to the JIRA 3.12 Upgrade Guide.

Highlights of JIRA 3.12

'Trusted' Confluence

For people who use both JIRA and Confluence, the ability to configure a 'trust' relationship between the two will allow for a seamless end-user experience, e.g. the 'JIRA Issues' macro will now display exactly the same list of issues on a Confluence page that the user would see in the JIRA Issue Navigator. No longer is there a need to hard-code JIRA user names and passwords on a Confluence page. (Note that you will need Confluence 2.7 or later.)

The 'JIRA Issues' macro in Confluence will now display (to appropriate users) issues that have a Security Level set:


'JIRA System Administrators' permission

A new global permission has been added to JIRA, to allow for separation of duties.

  • People who are granted the new 'JIRA System Administrators' permission can perform all of the administration functions in JIRA, including functions which could affect the application environment or network (e.g. data import/export, SMTP configuration, database connection).
  • People with only the 'JIRA Administrators' permission can now perform most administration functions (e.g. creating new JIRA users; creating projects), but not functions which could affect the application environment or network.

This will be useful for organisations which need to delegate JIRA-specific administration privileges to particular people, without granting them total system administration privileges.
Note that everyone who had the 'JIRA Administrators' global permission before the upgrade will automatically receive the new 'JIRA System Administrators' global permission during the upgrade. This will ensure that everyone can still perform the same functions they could previously.


FishEye plugin now bundled with JIRA

The FishEye plugin automatically detects JIRA issue-keys in your code commit messages. Within your JIRA issues and projects, relevant commit messages will be displayed along with links to the FishEye changesets and files — and (optionally) Crucible code reviews.


Improvements to the Subversion plugin

Using the Subversion plugin (available separately), it is now possible to configure Subversion repositories from within JIRA. No longer do you need to muck around with .properties files and bounce JIRA every time you make a change! If you have existing SVN repositories configured in your properties file, the new SVN plugin will read that information and create identical settings for you.
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Improvements to the 'Project Statistics' and 'Filter Statistic' portlets

The Project Statistics portlet and the Filter Statistic portlet now show the total number of issues that match the filter, e.g.:


New post function for workflows: 'Assign to Current User'

With the new post function 'Assign to Current User', you can now automatically assign an issue to the logged-in user when the issue moves through a particular workflow transition.

This is useful if you need to assign an issue to the logged-in user under particular circumstances, but not give them full rights to assign issues. For example, on Atlassian's support system, when a support specialist clicks 'Start Investigating', the issue is automatically assigned to them — even if they don't have 'Assign Issues' permission.


Enhanced language support for searching

The range of available languages for JIRA search indexes has been expanded. This means that even more people around the world can now choose to have JIRA index their issue data in their native language.

This provides more meaningful search results for end-users, because:

  • 'stop' words (i.e. words that are deliberately ignored by the JIRA search engine, such as 'the') are now recognised in more non-English languages (Brazilian, Chinese, Czech, Greek, French, Dutch, Thai).
  • 'stemming' (i.e. the derivation of related words, such as 'archived', from a stem such as 'archive) is now supported in French, Brazilian, German, French, Dutch, Russian and English. For example, if your index language is set to French:
    • a search for "marchera" will find "L'enfant a marché"; and
    • a search for "marché" will find "l'enfant marchera".

Visual SourceSafe plugin

The new VSS plugin displays Microsoft Visual SourceSafe commit information (along with the changed paths) related to JIRA issues, projects or project versions. This plugin is in beta and available for a separate download.


Plus more than 100 other fixes and improvements

Key T Summary P Status
JRASERVER-4085 Suggestion links in jira issues should be relative ratherr than use the BASE URL Closed
JRASERVER-5819 Suggestion Assign to current user workflow post-function Closed
JRASERVER-5900 Bug Error when trying to edit a group Medium Resolved
JRASERVER-7136 Bug Statistics are wrong when using a filter that searches through comments Medium Resolved
JRASERVER-8457 Bug Cannot administer my own profile: "The user does not exist. Please try another" Low Resolved
JRASERVER-8872 Suggestion Provide a wrap option with the noformat markup Closed
JRASERVER-9171 Bug A timed out session causes stacktraces in half-completed actions Medium Resolved
JRASERVER-10489 Bug JIRA does not process multipart/alternative mails properly Low Resolved
JRASERVER-10508 Bug Insecure "Remember my Login" cookie on https-sites High Resolved
JRASERVER-10515 Bug Adding CSV field to a Mutli User Custom Field causes error Medium Resolved
JRASERVER-10546 Bug Moving a subtask doesn't inherit the security level of its new parent Medium Resolved
JRASERVER-10989 Bug WIKI renderer preview does not display correctly Low Resolved
JRASERVER-11358 Suggestion Make plugins configurable Closed
JRASERVER-11396 Bug Redundant JIRA Global Permission (Manage Group Filter Subscriptions) in Standard Edition Low Resolved
JRASERVER-11446 Bug AccessLogFilter logs everything twice Medium Resolved
JRASERVER-11767 Bug Allow code and noformat sections in Wiki text to scroll horizontally Low Resolved
JRASERVER-11788 Suggestion Filter window is too small when it opens Resolved
JRASERVER-11892 Suggestion Support for Dutch Language Resolved
JRASERVER-12042 Bug Typo in an RPC API parameter name Low Resolved
JRASERVER-12091 Bug Issue's parentId not set on subtask deletion event Low Resolved
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