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A user reports getting errors like these every time JIRA starts up:

[core.entity.jdbc.DatabaseUtil] Entity "Action" has no table in the database
2003-11-06 09:33:45,265 ERROR [core.entity.jdbc.DatabaseUtil] Could not create table "jiraaction"
2003-11-06 09:33:45,265 ERROR [core.entity.jdbc.DatabaseUtil] SQL Exception while executing the following:
CREATE TABLE jiraaction (ID NUMERIC NOT NULL, issueid NUMERIC, AUTHOR VARCHAR(255), actiontype VARCHAR(255), actionlevel VARCHAR(255), actionbody TEXT, CREATED DATETIME, actionnum NUMERIC, CONSTRAINT PK_jiraaction PRIMARY KEY (ID))
Error was: java.sql.SQLException: There is already an object named 'jiraaction' in the database.
2003-11-06 09:33:45,265 WARN [core.entity.jdbc.DatabaseUtil] Entity "ChangeGroup" has no table in the database
2003-11-06 09:33:45,265 ERROR [core.entity.jdbc.DatabaseUtil] Could not create table "changegroup"

JIRA functions correctly otherwise.

A solution is suggested in this jira-user post:

Hi Jason,

I have had the same errors when at startup that you are seeing.

The problem on my server was that when the user in my database ('JIRA')
created tables they were created as dbo.<tablename> and not
so when JIRA attempts to verify a table JIRA.<tablename> exists it fails.
Then it tries to create <tablename>, but it already exists. All the
tables are owned by 'dbo' and not 'JIRA'.

I am running on Microsoft SQL Server so my fix may not fit exactly but this
is what I had to do:
Create the 'JIRA' user as a regular user of the JIRA database. Add the
JIRA user to the db_owner (database owner) role. (DO NOT change the database
owner to 'JIRA', just add the role!)

Of course, you will have to drop your existing database first.


We have also had reports from other users that there are also alternatives to this solution. The ddl_admin, db_datareader and db_datawriter roles could be used instead of db_owner role for the jirauser account.

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