Documentation for JIRA 4.4. Documentation for other versions of JIRA is available too.

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JIRA provides a list of users who are currently accessing JIRA. This is useful if you need to know who to contact before planned downtime, for example.

(warning) The information on this page does not apply to JIRA OnDemand.

Viewing Current User Sessions

To view a list of current JIRA user sessions:

  1. Log in as a user with the 'JIRA System Administrators' global permission.
  2. Select 'Administration' > 'System' > 'Security' > 'User Sessions' (tab) to open the 'Current User Sessions in JIRA' page.
    (tick) Keyboard shortcut: 'g' + 'g' + start typing 'user sessions'

    The session id shown is also used in the JIRA access log and atlassian-jira.log.

(info) It is possible to have "sessions" for computers that are not logged in. For example, when someone accesses JIRA without logging in, a unique session is created without a username (this is shown as 'Not Available' in the 'User' column).

(tick) To administer a user, click a username to go to the user's Profile, then select 'Administer User' from the 'Tools' menu.