Your JIRA user profile is where you specify your JIRA settings (e.g. your email address, and the format in which you would like to receive email notifications). It also contains useful links to a number of personalised reports.

To view your JIRA user profile:

On this page:

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Using the Summary link

The Summary page shows your personal details registered in JIRA, your personal JIRA preferences, the number of open issues assigned to you by project and a list of your recent activity.


In the Details section on the Summary page, you can do the following: 

If your JIRA administrator has configured the user directory containing your account with external password management, the Edit Profile and Change Password links may not be available.


In the Preferences section on the Summary page, you can do the following:

(tick) Tip: The global defaults for most of the user preferences above can be set by your JIRA administrator (Administration > User Preferences). Your preferences will override the global preferences, but if you haven't explicitly changed any settings they will be inherited from the global settings.

Assigned Open Issues per Project

In the Assigned Open Issues per project section on the Summary page, you can do the following:

Activity Stream

In the Activity Stream on the right of the Summary page, you can:

(tick) The Activity Stream is also available as a gadget.


Click the Filters menu at the top of the Summary page. From this menu you can:

Using the Tools menu

Click the 'Tools' menu in the top right to open it. From this menu you can click View OAuth Access Tokens to view and edit your OAuth Tokens.