The user logs in JIRA applications: suddenly an error exception is thrown on the screen. It says that the Gadget Dashboard plugin (the one responsible for load that user dashboard) is not available. Although you be able to see this plugin really disabled on administration section, it cannot be re-enabled because a non-specified web fragment is also disabled.

The following error is thrown in the screen:

The Gadget Dashboard bundled plugin is not available. Please contact an administrator to ensure the Gadget Dashboard plugin is enabled!

Perhaps you need to log in to see the page.
If you think this message is wrong, please consult your administrators about getting the necessary permissions.


Or during the end of the installation error below occurred: 

The Gadget Dashboard bundled plugin is not available. To ensure the Gadget Dashboard plugin is enabled, please contact your JIRA applications administrators.


The Gadget Dashboard is a bundled plugin of a JIRA application and should always be enabled. The conditions in which this won't occur: 


  1. Access the Add-on Manager and verify the plugin is not disabled. This can also be done from the database as in JIRA application does not start due to disabled bundled plugin.
  2. Run through the steps in JIRA applications System Plugin Timeout While Waiting for Add-ons to Enable.
Regular Expression:The\sGadget\sDashboard\sbundled\splugin\sis\snot\savailable\.\sTo\sensure\sthe\sGadget\sDashboard\splugin\sis\senabled,\splease\scontact\syour\sJIRA\sadministrators\.,