You can easily create new JIRA issues (including sub-tasks) in GreenHopper, from the Planning Board, Task Board or Chart Board.

To create a new issue in GreenHopper,

  1. Log into JIRA.
  2. Navigate to either the Planning Board, Task Board or Chart Board:
    • or
    • or
  3. Select your project from the project dropdown in the top navigation bar, if it is not already selected.
  4. Create a new issue or sub-task as follows:
    • (new issue) Click the 'New card' button in the top navigation bar.
      (tick) Tip: Alternatively, on the Planning Board or Task Board you can simply click the appropriate Issue Type in the legend at the top of the screen. (If the legend is not visible, select 'Legend' from the 'Tools' menu.)
    • (new sub-task) Locate the card for the issue for which you want to create a sub-task. Click the icon (which will appear when you hover over the Issue Type or Priority icons) and select 'Add Sub-task' from the drop-down menu. (Note that this will only be available if your administrator has enabled sub-tasks within JIRA.)
  5. The create new issue/sub-task window will display (see screenshot below).
  6. Fill out the form (this is similar to creating a new issue directly in JIRA). Please note: if you are creating a new sub-task, the only Issue Type that you will be able to select is 'Sub-Task'.
  7. Click the 'Create' button to create the issue/sub-task and keep the create new issue window open (to create another issue), or click the 'Create and close' button to create the issue/sub-task and return to your board to view the new issue.

(tick) Administrator's Tip: You can prevent issues from being created in a particular GreenHopper project by unchecking the 'Card Creation' option in the relevant project's settings. See Configuring your General Project Settings for more information.

Screenshot: Creating a new issue/sub-task in GreenHopper