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Advanced mail loop detection is only available in Jira Service Desk . The information on this page is only applicable to Jira Service Desk administrators.


When Jira Service Desk  processes emails, it also keeps track of messages that come from unique senders. There may come a time when particular email addresses are sending a lot of emails to Jira Service Desk  during a short period of time. When this happens, the advanced mail loop detector of Jira Service Desk  can block emails from specific email addresses, depending on your configuration.

 How to configure advanced mail loop detection

  1. Choose the Jira icon (, or ) > Jira settings > System
  2. In the Mail section, click Incoming Mail.
  3. In the Advanced Configuration section, perform one of the following as needed:
    • Increase the messages threshold, so that it does not trigger as easily (recommended).
    • Set the threshold to 0 to disable it completely (not recommended, as it could cause a mail loop to spam your instance).
    • Whitelist trusted domains, so that they are not impacted by the mail loop detector (not recommended as it may cause a mail loop even on the trusted domain).

Note the following details:

  • By configuring a message threshold, once that message threshold is reached, Jira Service Desk  will then handle these messages in bulk.
  • Mail loops are commonly caused by out of office notifications, so even trusted domains could cause a mail loop.
Last modified on Jan 20, 2017

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