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Configuring Jira application options

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Jira has a small number of commonly edited advanced configuration options, which are stored in the Jira database. These options can be accessed and edited from the Advanced Settings page. 

Editing Jira's advanced settings

  1. Choose the Jira icon (, or ) > Jira settings > System
  2. Choose General configuration and click Advanced Settings.
  3. Edit the value of a Key by clicking its value on the right of the page. The table below has extended information on some of the Key values.

    Key configuration
    jira.clone.prefix Specifying no value prevents a prefix being added to the 'Summary' field of cloned issues.

    Configuring date picker formats
    jira.issue.actions.order Changing the default order for comments from ascending to descending
    jira.table.cols.subtasks Configuring sub-task fields displayed on parent issues
    jira.view.issue.links.sort.order Configuring the order of linked issues
  4. Click Update. Any changes you make to these properties/keys become effective immediately.

Last modified on Sep 14, 2018

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