Configuring permissions

Jira products have a flexible security system that allows you to configure who can access them and what users can see or do.

There are five types of security levels in Jira products: 

  1. Global permissions — These apply to Jira products as a whole.
  2. Project permissions — Organized by permission schemes, these apply to projects or groups of projects. For example, who can see, create, edit and assign issues in a project.
  3. Issue security levels — Organized by security schemes, these allow you to set the visibility of individual issues (within the bounds of the project's permissions).
  4. Comment visibility — Allows you to restrict the visibility of individual comments on issues.
  5. Work-log visibility — Allows you to restrict the visibility of individual work-log entries on an issue (doesn't restrict visibility of progress bar on issue time tracking).

You can't edit project permissions or roles on the Free plan for Jira Software or Jira Core, and you can't configure issue-level security on any Free plan (including Jira Service Desk). Find out more about how project permissions work in Free plans. To take advantage of Jira's powerful project permission management features, upgrade your plan.

Diagram: People and permissions

Last modified on Sep 18, 2019

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