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As a JIRA administrator, you can add users, groups, and project roles to specific permissions within a permission scheme. Your project administrators can then apply this set of permissions by associating the permission scheme with their projects.

Assigning project roles (which can be used to define team members for a project) in your permissions, rather than users or groups, helps minimize the number of permission schemes in your system.

How to configure a permission scheme

  1. Go to  > Issues
  2. Click Permission schemes to display all permission schemes in your JIRA system.
  3. Locate the permission scheme to modify, and click Permissions in the Actions column.
  4. Locate the project permission to modify, and click one of the following:
    • Edit to add users, groups, or role assignments for the project permission
    • Remove to remove users, groups, or role assignments from the project permission
  5. In the Grant permission dialog, select the users, groups, or role assignments, and then click Grant or Remove.

How to associate a permission scheme with a project

You must be a project administrator to associate a permissions scheme with that project. 

  1. Go to  > Projects and click on the relevant project.
  2. Within your project, click  > Permissions
  3. Click the Actions menu and select Use a different scheme.
  4. Select the permission scheme you want to use and click Associate.
Last modified on Mar 30, 2017

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