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Jira Core Labs lets you try out exciting new features and functions as they're being developed, and enables Atlassian to gather your feedback to make sure we take the right direction with further improvements and iterations.

As Jira Core Labs features are experimental, we may change or modify them at short notice, or even remove them entirely in future releases.

How to enable Labs features

  1. Choose  > Edit (under the SWITCH TO heading).

  2. In the Jira Core section, click Jira Core Labs.
  3. Click the checkboxes for the Labs features you want to enable.


Jira Core boards help you visualize your work, and let you progress your issues across a board with columns that represent the statuses of your project's workflow. Updating the status of your issues is as easy as drag and drop, and your team immediately knows the current progress of these issues. For more information about Jira Core boards, see Working with boards.

Last modified on Jul 8, 2018

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