Administering Bitbucket and GitHub with JIRA applications

Using Bitbucket and/or GitHub with your  JIRA Software  application allows you to work more effectively and efficiently with your development tools. If required, you can link multiple JIRA instances to one Bitbucket instance, and you can link multiple Bitbucket instances to one JIRA instance.

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When JIRA applications are connected to Bitbucket or GitHub accounts: 

  • You can link all, or a subset, of your existing repositories (both public and private) to JIRA Software.
  • New repositories are automatically linked to JIRA Software.
  • Create new branches in a repository from a JIRA Software issue, and see those branches in the issue.
  • Reference JIRA Software issues in a commit message and have those commits appear in the Development panel of JIRA Software issues.
  • Create new pull requests from a JIRA Software issue, and see all the related PRs in an issue.
  • Transition issues through a JIRA Software Cloud workflow (for example, Close, Reopen, and so forth)  using Smart Commit messages. See Processing JIRA Software issues with Smart Commit messages.

Read more about integrating JIRA Software with Atlassian development tools: Streamlining your development with JIRA Cloud.

You can connect Bitbucket Cloud or GitHub accounts with JIRA applications using the free JIRA DVCS Connector add-on. This add-on comes bundled with JIRA Software. For JIRA Server versions earlier than 7.0, this is a system add-on that you can install. For more details, see Linking Bitbucket Cloud and GitHub accounts to JIRA Software.

Notes and Tips
  • The Bitbucket links feature offers a similar functionality for JIRA Software  and other services.
  • If you want to report a new issue, provide feedback, or require help, please raise a request in the issue tracker for JIRA DVCS Connector project. 

Current limitations of this feature

The following limitations exist for this feature:

  • There is no way to link user accounts on JIRA Software with user accounts on Bitbucket. This functionality will come with Atlassian account in the future.
    However, when you create JIRA Software users, emails will be automatically sent to the new users, inviting them to join Bitbucket. For details, see Managing Users.
  • If you use email addresses to connect Cloud with Bitbucket, repositories cannot be linked and you will see an error similar to the one shown in the screenshot below. To work around this, use your Bitbucket account name instead of email address. 


Using this feature

See the following for details about using this feature:

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