Migrating data with 3rd party add-ons

We know how important it is to be free of walled gardens that make it difficult to work and breathe. That's why we teamed up with some good people from Awnaba and Botron to help you transfer your projects, configuration, and all the sweet bits and pieces from one JIRA to another. Check out their add-ons for JIRA – which we support with all our loving heart – and choose your perfect scenario. It's enough if you pick just one of the add-ons – both ensure the same goal, albeit in a different way.


Promoting changes in JIRA

Whether it's a big change to your workflows or just a new custom field, take it from development through staging to production to make sure it's all checked up. And regret no more.

Awnaba: Promoting JIRA configuration

Botron: Promoting JIRA configuration



Consolidating JIRA instances

You can never get too much of JIRA, but too many instances might sometimes feel overwhelming. When moving to a single JIRA, don't leave your data behind.

Awnaba: Consolidating JIRA instances

Botron: Consolidating JIRA instances



Migrating JIRA projects

If your projects are living out of a suitcase, you can at least make sure it's the one with wheels. Move them freely between one JIRA and another.

Awnaba: Migrating JIRA projects

Botron: Migrating JIRA projects

Last modified on Sep 4, 2017

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