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As a JIRA administrator, you can view individual user activity or user sessions on a global level.

For all of the following procedures, you must be logged in as a user with the JIRA Administrators global permission.

View individual user login activity

Administrators may want to check individual user login activity to:

  • See if certain users are still active in JIRA.
  • View the age of a disabled user to clean up any ID's that have passed a certain timeframe.
To see login activity:
  1. Choose  User Management.
  2. Click on the username in the list.
  3. You will be presented with a window including;
    • Login count
    • Last login
    • Previous login
    • Last failed login
    • Current failed login count
    • Total failed login count
  4. Use this information wisely.

View global user sessions

JIRA provides a list of users who are currently accessing JIRA. Use this information to:

  • Know who to contact before planned downtime.
  • Regularly monitor the average number of active users to evaluating your licensing quota.
  • View user count if the system is under duress.
  • And more!
To view current user sessions for the JIRA instance:
  1. Choose  >System
  2. In the left panel, select Security > User Sessions to open the Current User Sessions in JIRA page.



It's possible to have session ID's for computers that are not logged in. For example, when someone accesses JIRA without logging in, a unique session is created without a username. This is shown as "Not Available" in the User column.

Last modified on Sep 4, 2017

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