Using JIRA applications with Portfolio for JIRA

Portfolio for JIRA provides a single, accurate view for planing and managing initiatives across multiple teams and projects with ease. See our guide to how JIRA and Portfolio for JIRA work together.

  • Plan top-level business initiatives and break them down into lower level deliverables for development teams
  • Track investments across strategic themes to ensure that those investments align with business priorities
  • Generate realistic delivery forecasts with automatic scheduling algorithms
  • View the progress of any initiative based on real-time, accurate data from JIRA
  • Drive accurate and realistic capacity planning by defining teams and allocating work based on skills and availability
  • Scope releases in a matter of clicks
  • Make fast prioritization and tradeoff decisions to instantly see the impact of plan changes
  • Minimize productivity loss by easily reacting to the ever-changing needs of your business in real time

Plan automatically

  • Set priorities, estimates, and target dates to instantly see when you can ship releases based on your commitments
  • Automatically optimize your plan and get suggestions on ideal resource allocation to create a realistic forecast 
  • Account for dependencies, resources, parallel vs. sequential activities and the realistic number of people that can work on a single item to create an optimized roadmap
  • Use themes to categorize your backlog items by strategic focus areas, value streams, or investment categories to see relative resource allocation between themes

Avoid bottlenecks

  • Identify and avoid bottlenecks and potential holdups by accounting for dependencies across teams and projects
  • Model skills and define who can do which type of work to avoid unrealistic resource loads
  • Automatically account for team member availability, including time off, training and inter-team commitments

Keep up to date

  • Keep the long term plan in sync with reality by adjusting delivery dates, team member resources and dependencies using up to date data
  • Changes are displayed in real-time across all projects, giving you a comprehensive view of your entire roadmap
  • Having an up-to-date schedule gives your team a transparent understanding of what's next, lending clarity to your decision-making

Make realistic commitments

  • Confidently make commitments for scope and ship dates by using your more reliable forecasts
  • Adjust dependencies to quickly check the impact across all of your projects, for example, if a critical feature is taking longer than expected

Model changes

  • Quickly visualize what different scenarios and decisions mean to your projects
  • Evaluate new change requests by seeing the impact on scope, dates, resources and cost commitments
  • Model different scenarios without affecting the underlying data in your JIRA projects

You can find more information about managing your portfolio here: Portfolio for JIRA.

Last modified on Aug 31, 2017

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