Changing the constraints on historical time parameters in gadgets

A number of JIRA gadgets show historical data from your JIRA server. You can generally configure the time constraints on this data via gadget parameters, such as those parameters defining how far back should data be retrieved. For performance reasons, however, the JIRA server can impose an overriding maximum limit on historical data retrieved by gadgets. These maximum limits imposed by the JIRA server are defined by the following advanced configuration options in JIRA and can be customized in your file (located in the JIRA application home directory).


To update these properties:

  1. Shut down your JIRA server.
  2. Edit your file in your JIRA home directory.
    (info) See Making changes to the file for more information.
  3. Locate these properties.
    (info) If any of these properties do not exist in your file, add them to the file.
  4. Update the values of these properties as desired.
  5. Save your changes to the file.
  6. Restart your JIRA server.

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