Importing and exporting data

At times, you may need to import or export data to or from Jira. You may want to import data from another tool (like Github or Fogbugz), another Jira instance, or from a manually prepared file such as a CSV or JSON file. You may want to export your data so that you can perform some manual manipulation on it, or to move a project from one instance to another. This section of the documentation explains how to perform imports and exports of your data. If you'd like more information on backing up your data, and restoring a backup, please refer to the System administration section of the documentation.

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Migrating data from other tools

Learn more about importing data from various tools, such as Github or Fogbugz. We also have information on how to structure CSV or JSON files for import. These files could be manually prepared by you, or may be exports from tools that we currently don't have a dedicated importer for.

Moving or archiving projects

Learn more about how you can move or archive individual or multiple projects between Jira instances.

Importing to a Cloud instance

Learn more about importing a Server export into a Cloud instance.

Last modified on Aug 7, 2019

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