Migrating from other issue trackers

When migrating from another issue tracking application to Jira, you may wish to take your data with you. Depending on what issue tracker you are migrating from, we recommend using the relevant instructions to import data from your other issue tracker into Jira.

(info) Our website highlights some top reasons why people migrate from other issue trackers to Jira.

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Built-in importers

The Jira Importers app, which is bundled with Jira, allows you to import data from the importers listed below.

CSV importer

If you are migrating from a system for which Jira does not provide a built-in importer, you may be able to import your data into Jira via CSV format instead. Your system must be able to export your data into a CSV (comma-separated value) file. You can then import the CSV file into Jira using Jira's CSV importer:

There is also a workaround for importing comments.

Requests for non-supported importers

We are also tracking requests to add other systems to our built-in importers. We encourage users to vote and comment on the systems they are interested in:

Last modified on May 20, 2019

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