Using the Jira application configuration tool

The Jira application configuration tool is an application that offers server-level Jira configuration through a convenient GUI. This tool allows you to do the following:

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Please note:

  • The Jira configuration tool requires a Java platform to be installed and configured on your operating system. If you need to install a Java platform to run this tool, we recommend using a Java platform supported by Jira — refer to Jira requirements for details.
  • If you have a console-only connection to your Jira server, you will need to perform these server-level configurations manually.
  • Whenever you configure or reconfigure Jira's server-level settings using this tool, Jira must be restarted so it can recognize these changes.

Starting the Jira configuration tool

The JAVA_HOME environment variable must be set to use the Jira configuration tool. If it has not been set already, follow the instructions in Installing Java to set it.

The Jira configuration tool can be run with a graphical user interface or via a command-line interface using the -c or --console argument. The following sections show the graphical user interface, but the functionality is the same regardless of the interface.

Configuring the Jira home directory

Your Jira home directory allows you to set the folder that Jira uses to store its various data files.

  1. Click the Jira home tab.
  2. In the Jira home directory field, type the full file path into the text field, or click the Browse button to browse for the location of your Jira home directory.
  3. Click the 'Save' button. Your changes are saved to the file located in the <jira-application-dir> subdirectory of your Jira application installation directory. For more information, please see Setting your Jira home directory.

Screenshot: Jira configuration tool — 'Jira Home' tab

Configuring the database connection

To configure Jira's database connection using the Jira configuration tool, follow the appropriate procedure for your database type:

Screenshot: Jira configuration tool — 'Database' tab

Configuring Jira's web server

The Jira configuration tool can also be used to configure Jira's web server, specifically the TCP ports and the SSL configuration. Follow the relevant instructions linked below:

tip/resting Created with Sketch.

Known issue

When you're adding a new connection, like an SSL one, you'll need to manually add properties that handle special characters to the server.xml file. Learn more

Screenshot: Jira configuration tool — 'Web Server' tab

Tuning Jira's database connections

For more information about the functionality of the Advanced tab, see Tuning database connections.

Screenshot: Jira configuration tool — 'Advanced' tab

Last modified on Nov 21, 2019

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