Jira cluster monitoring

If your Jira Data Center is clustered, you can easily use Jira tools to know how the nodes are doing. 

The new Cluster monitoring page available to Jira system administrators gathers real-time data such as node ID, address, uptime (since last restart), load and memory. The page displays the information for active nodes in your cluster, so whenever a node is down it disappears from the list. The information available on the page can also help you decide if a node you've just added to the cluster has been configured correctly. 

This feature is only available in Jira Data Center.

The page displays only the clustered nodes. For more on Jira clustering, see Configuring a Jira cluster.

To see all your cluster-related data go to Jira Administration > System > Clustering. To drill down and see runtime and system information, click More for a specific node. 

Last modified on Jan 30, 2020

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