Jira cluster monitoring

If your Jira Data Center is clustered, you can easily use Jira tools to know how the nodes are doing. 

The new Cluster monitoring page available to Jira system administrators gathers real-time data such as node ID, address, uptime (since last restart), load (system load average for the last minute), and memory. The information available on the page can also help you decide if a node you've just added to the cluster has been configured correctly. 

This feature is only available in Jira Data Center.

View your clustered nodes

To see the information about your clustered nodes, go to Jira Administration > System > Clustering. For more on Jira clustering, see Configuring a Jira cluster.

The node marked with a green dot is the one you’re currently on.

The page shows a maximum of 100 nodes based on the following sequence: the current node, active nodes, nodes with no heartbeat, and finally inactive nodes. Every group of nodes is sorted in name order. 

Monitor the status and health of your node

To help you keep track of how the nodes are doing, and discover stale nodes, you can monitor the following statuses:

Node status

The following statuses show you the up-to-date status of all your clustered nodes. Refresh the page in case something changes. 

  • ACTIVE: the node is active and has heartbeat.

  • NO HEARTBEAT: the node is temporarily down, has been killed, or is active but failing. This state might be caused by automatic deployment. It might also happen that the server is starting and the No heartbeat status is temporary. If it persists, consider removing or fixing the node. Learn how to remove a node from cluster

Note that if a node is killed abruptly, it might still show as active for about 5 minutes before changing the status to No heartbeat.
  • OFFLINE: the node has been manually fixed or stopped, and moved offline. The node should not be used to run cluster jobs. Consider removing the node from the cluster. Learn how to remove a node from cluster

Currently, we do not move nodes from No Heartbeat to Offline automatically.

Application status

The responses are refreshed every minute on the server side. Refresh the page to get the latest data. If a node is offline or has no heartbeat, the Application status column does not contain any data.

  • MAINTENANCE: Jira on the node is being reindexed and cannot currently serve users.

  • ERROR: something went wrong on startup and Jira is not running on this node. The error might have been caused by multiple reasons such as: the database couldn't be reached, or a lock file is found. Check the log files  for details.

  • RUNNING: the node is up and Jira is running on it.

  • STARTING: the node with Jira is starting up. 

View runtime and system info

To drill down and see runtime and system information, click Actions for a specific node. 

Last modified on Jun 26, 2020

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