Migrating projects to another Jira instance

To complete the tasks on this page, you should install a third-party app Project Configurator for Jira.

Although Project Configurator is still supported by Appfire, the partner recommends switching to Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ). To do this, remove Project Configurator from your instance, and then, download and install the CMJ app. No data loss will occur.

Check the Configuration Manager documentation

If you're migrating from Server to Cloud, check Jira Server to Cloud migration resources.

Let's assume you have two instances of Jira – a source, and a target. In the source instance, you have several projects and users working on these projects. You'd like to transfer the projects to the target instance along with the configuration, issues, and attachments. Ideally, after the migration, your users wouldn't even notice the change. Here are a couple of possible scenarios:

  • Expanding a small project – the source instance is operated by a group or department within a bigger organization. A project is started there as an experiment. After some time, however, this project has expanded to other groups, and you want to move it to the target, corporate instance of Jira.
  • Merging Jira instances – a company acquires another company. Both have their own Jira instances and decide to consolidate them into a single instance. Merging one Jira with another requires migrating all projects.
  • Balancing the use of licenses – a company runs two instances of Jira, one with 500 user licenses, and another with 10,000 user licenses. If, in the bigger instance, only 8,000 users are actively working, you can move some projects from the smaller instance to improve the balance.

Project Configurator for Jira

The following guides describe how to migrate your projects with Project Configurator for Jira. The tool offers an export function that packs your configuration, issue data, and attachments into a single ZIP archive. You can then transfer it to the target server, and import your projects from the ZIP archive. 

Last modified on Dec 20, 2023

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