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Advanced Roadmaps offers a variety of ways to monitor issues that are dependent on each other as your project progresses. You can focus on the dependencies in your plan, or add them to your timeline as part of your roadmap.

Dependency-focused views

The Dependency management view in Advanced Roadmaps highlights dependencies on your timeline as well as related information that you may find useful.

Those who are more visual planners can also use the Dependencies report. This view-only map shows the dependencies in your plan and how they’re related.

Monitor dependencies from your timeline

Advanced Roadmaps indicates dependencies on your timeline by adding badges to either end of the schedule bars (learn more on the Dependencies page). Badges on the right show incoming dependencies ('is blocked by') while badges on the left show outgoing dependencies ('blocks').

Change how dependencies are displayed

The Dependency style dropdown in the View settings menu lets you choose how dependencies are displayed on your timeline. Badges adds a badge icon to either end of your schedule bar to show that a dependency is linked to that issue. Lines connects dependent issues on your timeline with lines. If Advanced Roadmaps can’t display a line between two dependent issues, or if the dependency connects to an issue not included in your plan, a badge icon will be shown instead.

You can add the number of dependencies to badges using the Show number of dependencies checkbox underneath the Dependency style dropdown menu. This option is only available when you have badges selected. To view this number while viewing lines, hover over the schedule bar and the number will appear. 

View all of an issue’s dependencies

Regardless of how you choose to show them, select the badge on either side of the schedule bar to show all of the dependencies attached to that issue, as seen below. In this flyout, you’ll find the following information:

  • Type - “is blocked by” denotes an incoming dependency while “blocks” denotes outgoing

  • Issue - Issue details of the dependent issue

  • Status

  • Assignee

  • Lead time - The number of days between the dependent issues

  • Filter by dependencies - The issues that comprise the dependent chain will be displayed in your timeline. Learn more about this on the Filter issues page.

When viewing dependencies on your timeline, the badge on either end will turn red if there are conflicting dates. To resolve this, change the start or end date of either dependency.

View a specific dependency

If you have Advanced Roadmaps set to show Lines, selecting the line will open a flyout that focuses on the relationship expressed by the line.

Since the line refers to a dependent relationship between two issues (as opposed to the badges which show how many dependent relationships are attached to one issue), there are fewer options in this window.

Last modified on Sep 6, 2021

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