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You can set Advanced Roadmaps to show you the progress of your plan based on different metrics as part of your timeline view. Any changes that haven’t been saved to Jira Software won’t be taken into account to calculate progress.

You can add the following columns to track your progress:

  • Status column - (TO DOIN PROGRESS, and DONE)

  • Progress (estimate)- Shows progress in story points or days depending on plan settings

  • Progress (issue count) - Shows the number of child issues remaining to be completed

To learn more about adding columns to your plan, see View issue details.

Monitor estimate-based progress

Once you’ve added the Progress (story points or days) column to your plan, hover on the progress bar to show a flyout window:

This breakdown of work takes into account the estimates of all child issues as well as the parent. You’ll also see a breakdown of Estimated and Unestimated issues, the latter of which which may impact the accuracy of your progress. These numbers also include issues that are hidden from your current plan view.

If you've enabled rolled-up values in a plan, you may see inconsistent values between rolled-up estimates of a parent issue and the values in the progress bar.

Monitor issue count progress

Once you’ve added the Progress (issue count) column to your plan, hover on the progress bar to show a flyout window:

This breakdown of work displays the number of issues in each status category and the total number of issues in the plan. The estimates for each issue are not included since this column only covers issue count.

Last modified on Sep 6, 2021

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