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Before you can monitor capacity, you must first associate the teams in your plan with the corresponding issue sources and enable capacity planning on your timeline.

Sprint capacity management view

One of the easiest ways to monitor sprint capacity is to use the Sprint capacity management view that comes with Advanced Roadmaps. This preconfigured view is designed to make monitoring capacity on your timeline easy.

View capacity on your timeline

Once you’ve added capacity to your timeline and grouped issues by Team or Sprint, you’ll see tabs along the top of your timeline that each correspond to a sprint:

The green vertical bar in the sprint tab indicates current capacity, which turns red when the amount of work assigned to it exceeds capacity. Learn more about how to manage capacity.

Select a tab on the timeline to bring up the sprint capacity window:

  1. Sprint information - Name, start and end dates, status lozenge, sprint goal (as defined by administrator), and total sprint capacity

  2. Progress bar - Story points allotted and completed

  3. Further viewing options for this sprint

The number of unestimated issues in your sprint will appear in the sprint capacity window next to the label x unestimated issues. Issues that have due dates within your sprint but are not assigned to it will appear next to the x issues not assigned to sprint label.

Last modified on Apr 21, 2021

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