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To review the changes made in your plan and save these changes in Jira Software, you'll need the Advanced Roadmaps administrator permission. See Permissions for more details.

Advanced Roadmaps is a sandbox environment. Changes you make to values such as estimations, dependencies, due dates, and so on won’t be applied to the issues in Jira Software until you choose to do so using the Review changes button. If you save your plan while viewing a scenario, that scenario’s settings will be committed back to your plan.

Selecting Review changes brings up a modal that lists all of the changes made to your plan since it was last saved. From here, you can find specific changes, save them to Jira Software, or discard them.

Save changes

In the Review changes modal, select the issues you want to save. By default, all changes will be selected. Any deselected changes won’t be saved to Jira Software, though they will remain in your plan. When you’re ready, use the Save selected changes in Jira button to save your changes.

Filter changes

Sort through changes by using the Filters menu in the upper left corner. You can also view change details by expanding the dropdown in the What changed column.

Discard changes

In the Review changes modal, select the issues you want to discard. These changes will be removed from your plan and the values will revert to those currently saved in Jira Software. When you’re ready, use the Discard selected changes button to erase them.

Abandon save

While saving or discarding your changes, use the Quit button that appears while Advanced Roadmaps is processing your change to stop this action. It won’t reverse any changes that have already been saved before you stopped it, but remaining changes won’t be saved in Jira Software.

Warnings in Review changes modal

You may see warning icons in the far left column of the Review changes modal. We recommend resolving these issues before saving your changes to Jira Software. Learn more about common warnings you'll see in this modal.

Last modified on Mar 18, 2021

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