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Kanban Board

A Kanban board is a board that was created using either the "Kanban" preset or the "DIY" option (see Creating a Board).

Kanban boards are for teams that focus on managing and constraining their work-in-progress. Because work is not planned in advance using discrete time periods or versions, Kanban boards are visible in Work mode but not in Plan mode.

See also Scrum Board

JIRA Agile topics relating to Kanban boards:

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6 Archived comments

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    Even in Kanban, it is necessary to groom the backlog and keep it prioritized. It would be helpful to be able to view the backlog in a more compact way (as in the SCRUM Plan Mode) instead of the card-based Work view where every story/task takes up 4 or 5 rows of screen space.

    27 Sep 2013
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      Normand Carbonneau

      Agree. I would also like to have the Epic and Versions context in the Kanban Board. The reason is that I am using the Kanban Board as PM Planning Board, with the latest transition sending the User Stories to the other SCRUM Board.

      It is difficult to set priorities, etc... in the Kanban Board without any Epic or version context.

      05 Dec 2013
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      Martin Jopson [Atlassian]

      Please note this feature request is tracked at  GHS-6175 - As a Kanban PO I would like the Plan mode so that I may order and groom a large backlog Open

      05 Dec 2013
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    Shawn Ironmonger

    In the mean time as a work around, I still use the scrum board, which I renamed to "planning board" for the planning view.  I do not create any sprints and I leave it as 1 big backlog.  That 1-n ranking shows up in the same order on your kanban board "todo" column.  But, this allows me to use Epics and versions when talking with specific customers.

    02 Jun 2014
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    Jerrett Farmer

    Shawn is correct. We found this out by accident. We switched from Scrum to Kanban and noticed that the order of our Scrum board outside of Sprints affected the order of our Kanban list.

    15 Sep 2014
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    Jeff Krueger

    Hoping this might help someone else.  

    I spent a large amount of time trying to rank items in a KanBan board.  Once sub tasks were added there was no way to move the story up and down.  This was due to the swim lane setup.  It was based on stories instead of assignee.  This kind of makes sense, but was one of those things that was just over looked.

    30 Oct 2014
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