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A wallboard is a type of information radiator that displays vital data about the progress of the development team. Similar to a scoreboard at a sporting event, wallboards are large, highly visible and easily understood by anyone walking by.

Traditional wallboards are made of paper or use sticky notes on a wall. Electronic wallboards are very effective since they update automatically with real-time data, ensuring that people check back regularly.

If you have installed the JIRA Wallboards Add-on, you can display a JIRA dashboard (see Customising the JIRA Dashboard as a wallboard. See the JIRA Agile 101 for a quick guide to displaying a wallboard.

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    Dan Sumption

    Is there a way of manually controlling a wallboard slideshow?

    Obviously most of the time I will want to cycle through my various dashboards at whatever interval I have set for the slideshow, but sometimes it would be useful to be able to stand-up at a wallboard and control the cycle manually, so that I can spend longer looking at a particular dashboard or skip quickly through another one, without having to close the slideshow and open up each dashboard individually.

    23 Mar 2015
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