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JIRA Agile Labs

JIRA Agile Labs enables our customers to test some exciting new functionality within JIRA Agile, giving you a sneak preview of new features coming in future releases of JIRA Agile.

Please note that Labs features represent work-in-progress and are not supported by Atlassian. They may be incomplete, or may change before being incorporated into the product (some Labs features may never be incorporated into the product). We try to keep Labs features stable, but please note that we cannot guarantee that data used while evaluating a Labs feature will be completely intact.

Enabling Labs features

To switch 'Labs' on:

  1. Log in as a user with the 'JIRA Administrators' global permission.
  2. Select JIRA Administration from the top bar, then select Add-ons > JIRA Agile.
    OR, if you are using JIRA 6.0 or later, click the 'cog' icon in the top bar, select Add-ons, then scroll down the page to the JIRA Agile section.
  3. Under JIRA Agile Labs, select the features that are of interest to you.

On this page:

FROM JIRA AGILE 6.0.3 Parallel Sprints

Turn on Parallel Sprints to enable multiple active, parallel sprints. For example, if you have two teams working from the same backlog, each team can now work on their own sprint.

Please note the following caveats with this simple approach:

  • The Velocity Chart will not show the velocity per team.
  • The current implementation assumes that the teams perform estimation identically, which is unlikely in practice.

Please note that this feature is still undergoing development and may change from its current implementation.

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12 Archived comments

  1. User avatar

    Jangil Oh

    Parallel Sprints is Good for me

    When does it release? 

    29 Nov 2013
  2. User avatar

    steve laflen

    I was able to successfully enable parallel sprints but I cannot seem to start a 2nd sprint still? Do I need to re-index or something? I did logout and log back in. -Steve

    19 Dec 2013
  3. User avatar

    Jeff Lee

    Same here. I enabled parallel sprints but still can't start another one. Is there something else I need to do?

    03 Jan 2014
  4. User avatar

    steve laflen

    you may need to re-index or wait til the following day. It worked for me the following day.

    03 Jan 2014
  5. User avatar

    Brad Warburton

    Please move this out of Labs as soon as possible.. my organisation refuses to enable Labs features in our JIRA instance.

    11 Aug 2014
  6. User avatar

    Josh S

    I'd like to see the ability to enable or disable parallel sprints by board instead of for the entire system.

    20 Nov 2014
  7. User avatar

    karl buesching

    I love this feature!  

    I have our product team (PO and BAs) working on their own sprints to refine stories with their own board.  The final step of their workflow is dev-ready... the input to the dev workflow.  WIN!


    17 Dec 2014
  8. User avatar

    Daniel Flohr

    Very good improvement!

    22 Dec 2014
  9. User avatar

    Christopher Davis

    Yes, this is a life-saver.  Without this feature, properly managing resources in terms of workload and capacity would be impossible (or would require an expensive & unnecessarily complex plugin purchase).

    15 Feb 2015
  10. User avatar

    Kevin Bier

    We're making this switch right now for three smaller teams working within a single larger project.  Pretty sure this project structure is going to be essential to how we run things.  The we're finding the noise level in conglomerate reporting to be too high, too difficult to tease out team-specific stuff.  I know that it can be done, but having the tool organized in a way that helps us do that is pretty important.

    24 Jun 2015
  11. User avatar

    Zans McLachlan

    Dearest Atlassian,

    Please add this to Agile proper asap. 


    15 Jul 2015
  12. User avatar

    Derek Gibson

    I have implemented this feature on my board but I want to know if it's possible to use the Filters (or some other method) to hide an entire active sprint? I have two teams using a combined board (for unrelated reasons) and they each have their own active sprint and it would be convenient if they didn't have to see each other's sprints (even though the sprints have no visible stories because they are being filtered out). Thanks!

    Oh and like everyone else said, let's get this moved out of Labs so it gets more widely adopted (smile)

    16 Jul 2015
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