GreenHopper 3.5 Release Notes

Theme of this release: User Inteface and User Feedback - Part I

We felt that the GreenHopper UI was becoming somewhat cluttered and not as intuitive as it should be. This is why we have focused on this issue in GreenHopper 3.5 and overhaul the UI to make sure that you manage your projects in a more efficient way. We are very proud to present the brand new GreenHopper!

Highlights of this release:

User Interface Revisited

The whole User interface was revamped to be more intuitive and less intrusive.
We have significantly increased the user feedback and made the UI less cluttered.

Screenshots are worth a million words!

View the GreenHopper 3.5 screenshots

But briefly here are some of the enhancements:

  1. Introduction of the menu tabs.
  2. Introduction of the cursors — Better feedback on the possible issue actions.
  3. Ranking in list mode - Better feedback on the destination of the issues.
  4. Ranking in Card/Summary mode - Better feedback on the destination of the issues.
  5. Dragging in the TaskBoard - Horizontal drag only.
  6. ChartBoard revisited - Dynamic legend.
  7. New Card accessible from all boards.
  8. Less popups and no functionality loss!
  9. And much much more!

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