GreenHopper 5.4 Release Notes

14 December 2010

The Atlassian team are proud to announce the release of GreenHopper 5.4.


GreenHopper 5.4 focuses on charting, providing time-tracking analysis for the Hour Burndown Chart.

Upgrading to GreenHopper 5.4 is free for all customers with an active GreenHopper license.

Highlights of this release:

Thank you for your feedback:

7 new features and improvements implemented
37 votes fulfilled

Your votes and issues help us keep improving our products, and are greatly appreciated.

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Upgrading to GreenHopper 5.4

You can download GreenHopper from the Atlassian website. If upgrading from a previous version, please read the GreenHopper 5.4 Upgrade Guide.

Highlights of GreenHopper 5.4


Time-Tracking Analysis

A "Time-Tracking Analysis" button now appears on the Hour Burndown Chart.

Click the button to display a detailed data table for the chart:

(Note: this button will only appear for people who have the JIRA 'Administer Projects' permission in the given project.)

For details please see Viewing the Time-Tracking Analysis.


Release from Task Board now respects selected Context

When releasing a new version from the Task Board, the Task Board context (e.g. 'Default', 'On the fly', or other contexts you have created) is now taken into consideration.

Only issues that match the current context will be included in the release.

See Using the Classic Task Board and Releasing a Version from the Task Board or Planning Board.


Improvements to CFD gadget

The Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD) gadget now enables you to specify a context (e.g. 'Default', 'On the fly', or other contexts you have created) when configuring the gadget

See Using the Agile Classic Cumulative Flow Chart Gadget.


Plus over 50 Fixes and Improvements

The issues for GreenHopper 5.4 are shown below. To view the list in JIRA, please see here.

T Key Summary P Status Votes
Bug JSW-2557 Version Remaining Estimate shown in GreenHopper are not consistent Highest Closed 12
Bug JSW-2607 Chart: Burndown Line is Using Bad Data Highest Closed 4
Bug JSW-2100 Exception thrown in the taskboard if user not logged in Low Closed 4
Bug JSW-2634 Excel (Chart Data) not correct Highest Closed 3
Bug JSW-2559 Converting an issue to subtask makes "Planning Board" to be unordered Medium Closed 3
Bug JSW-2618 Unable to setup a Flow gadget pointing to another instance of JIRA High Closed 1
Bug JSW-2597 Unable to Create New Card if Rank is Edited/Set in German(Germany) Language. High Closed 1
Bug JSW-2503 GreenHopper gadgets give a 500 error when being configured in Confluence Low Closed 1
Bug JSW-2767 Burndown chart shows incorrect remaining hours High Closed 0
Bug JSW-2718 In Board, when a card has the focus, the background color is changed with apparently the color of the color defined by the first issue type. Low Closed 0
Bug JSW-2713 Reopen an Issue cause it's original estimate being remove from Ideal Burn Down Guideline Low Closed 0
Bug JSW-2710 Incorrect JIRA compatibility version on Supported Platform page Low Closed 0
Bug JSW-2709 Original estimate edit contains incorrect formatting once a value is set Low Closed 0
Bug JSW-2708 NPE thrown from label listener when epic field is set on an issue with no existing value in the epic field. Low Closed 0
Bug JSW-2707 Days Remaining gadget shows empty space when user is not logged in Low Closed 0
Bug JSW-2706 Ranking does not support concurrent operations Low Closed 0
Bug JSW-2701 Card view gadget configuration broken on IE7 Low Closed 0
Bug JSW-2698 Release notes navigation is clunky Medium Closed 0
Bug JSW-2695 issue burndown chart gadget shows incorrect data when context selected Low Closed 0
Bug JSW-2693 Arrow of the page preview is offset when in Full Screen Mode Low Closed 0
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