GreenHopper 5.9.8 Release Notes

28 May 2012

The Atlassian team announces the release of GreenHopper 5.9.8, delivering some significant enhancements to the Rapid Board:

This release also includes a number of fixes.

Upgrading to GreenHopper 5.9.8 is free for all customers with an active GreenHopper license.

You can upgrade GreenHopper via the JIRA Plugin Manager. Before upgrading, please read the GreenHopper 5.9.8 Upgrade Notes.


Please note: Plan mode is available by activating the "Scrum" option in JIRA Agile Labs.

View Burndown on the Sprint Report

The Sprint Report (previously known as the Sprint Retrospective Report) now shows burndown, and also displays a table showing you which issues were completed successfully during the sprint and which were not.

Smarter Sprint Naming

GreenHopper will now suggest a name for your new sprint based on your previous sprint, e.g. if your previous sprint was called "Bob 1", GreenHopper will offer "Bob 2" as the default name for your new sprint.

Estimate in Story Points, Track in Hours

In GreenHopper 5.9.7 we introduced the ability to choose your preferred Estimation Statistic (e.g. Story Points).

We now bring you the ability to do your tracking in hours, if you wish. This means that, for example, you can now choose to use Story Points for estimation, but time-tracking for burndown.

Enter your Estimation Statistic before starting a Sprint

If you do not have an Estimation Statistic applied to an issue, you will receive a warning when starting the sprint (unless your Estimate Statistic is set to Issue Count, which is calculated automatically).


Remove Issue from Active Sprint

By popular request, you can now remove an issue from an in-progress sprint in Work mode. Simply click an issue to display its Detail View on the right of the screen, then click the cog icon:


Resolve Parent when Sub-Tasks are Done

Once all the sub-tasks have been completed, it's time to resolve the parent issue. In GreenHopper 5.9.5 we introduced a prompt, when you move the last sub-task to the 'Done' column in Work mode, to remind you to move the parent too.

But what if you resolved the sub-tasks in native JIRA instead? In GreenHopper 5.9.8, we now display a button on the parent issue the next time you visit Work mode.

See the Sprint Report when closing a Sprint

When you end a sprint, the Sprint Report will now be displayed automatically.


Updates and Fixes in this Release

GreenHopper 5.9.8 includes the following updates and bug fixes:

T Key Summary
Bug JSW-5156 Error 'chnage is undefined' when viewing burndown
Bug JSW-5207 Previously logged work before sprint start wrongly added to sprint upon 'Add to Sprint'
Bug JSW-5187 Exception in timeChange that does not have a changeDate
Bug JSW-5183 Column configuration not taken into account when showing remaining estimate for parent and sub tasks in tab
Bug JSW-5176 Remaining estimate can go negative, then has a second event to correct it?
Bug JSW-5149 Unable Access Rapid Board if Story Point is Edited/Set in German(Germany) Language.
Bug JSW-4140 Uppercase or Mixcase usernames problem: Greenhopper Assignee Board shows counts for only some users
Bug JSW-5642 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
Bug JSW-5209 Quickly switching to Plan mode from Report mode blows up
Bug JSW-5206 Double encoding of sprint name in Complete Sprint dialog
Bug JSW-5186 The 'Move to Done' button does not re-appear if cancelling out of the Transition screen
Bug JSW-5180 Late additions which were completed are getting put into the issues not completed table in sprint report
Bug JSW-5178 No negative numbers in the decrement column
Bug JSW-5174 Clean up y-axis units in Time Tracking Burndown
Bug JSW-5172 Issue completed/reopened should mention that it won't affect the estimate
Bug JSW-5169 OPINION: consider rewording of estimate statistic warning
Bug JSW-5164 OPINION: differentiate between the 'View in Issue Nav' links on Sprint Report
Bug JSW-5162 IE 9: Creating an issue (using QC) on plan mode triggers this error when next selecting an issue
Bug JSW-5177 OPINION: split tooltip work logged text to two lines
Bug JSW-5167 Should the time spent colum come before the remaining estimate column?


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