GreenHopper 6.1.1 Release Notes

2 January 2013

The Atlassian team announces the release of GreenHopper 6.1.1, making it easy for you to:

This release also includes a number of fixes.

Upgrading to GreenHopper 6.1.1 is free for all customers with an active GreenHopper license.

If you are using GreenHopper "behind-the-firewall" (that is, if GreenHopper is installed on-premises at your site), you can upgrade GreenHopper via the JIRA Plugin Manager. Before upgrading, please read the GreenHopper 6.1.1 Upgrade Notes.

If you are using GreenHopper OnDemand, please watch the JIRA Agile OnDemand Release Summary for the latest updates.


Specify your Non-Working Days

You can now filter out weekends, holidays, and other times during which your team might not be working on a given project. Non-working days will be indicated on the Burndown Chart:

Each person who views the Burndown Chart can decide whether to hide/show non-working days.

The board owner can configure non-working days for each board:

  • Decide which days are working days or not
    • On a weekly basis
    • One-off holidays
  • Take time zones into account

We intend that these settings will also be reflected in the Sprint Report and the Control Chart in an upcoming release in the near future.


Add Custom User/Group Fields to the Issue Detail View

In GreenHopper 6.0.3 we introduced the ability to add text-fields to your cards; in 6.0.5, we added numeric fields; and in 6.0.8, date/time custom fields.

In 6.1.1 you can now also custom fields of the following types.

  • User
  • Group

For details, please see Configuring the Issue Detail View, and the JIRA custom field documentation.


Jump quickly with Vertical Icons

The icons for jumping to different sections of an issue — Details; Description; Comments; Attachments; Sub-tasks — are now displayed vertically at the left of an issue:

The icons are always available, even when you scroll down.


Updates and fixes in this release

GreenHopper 6.1.1 includes the following updates and bug fixes:

T Key Summary
Bug JSW-7014 Burndown guideline with non working day segments incorrectly calculated
Bug JSW-6997 XSS bug in detail view epic name lozenge rendering
Bug JSW-6978 Sprint Picker does not show up
Bug JSW-6906 UserDataResource NullPointerException
Bug JSW-6990 No error message shown when navigating to the Burndown Chart page for a board with no sprints from the Available Reports page
Bug JSW-6890 Issues are not draggable between columns if the board is not ranked or the user not allowed to rank
Bug JSW-6846 Epic progress bar text incorrect when Issue Count is estimate
Bug JSW-6639 Epic column and Detail View do not resize when announcements are closed until a resize, scroll or redraw.
Bug JSW-14912 Disabling DVCS connector causes JIRA to lock up when loading issues
Bug JSW-7002 Report info/error box widths different
Bug JSW-6999 Status mapping - When user cannot perform action we should probably not show it in description
Bug JSW-6971 Directly navigating to the chart intro page results in an incorrectly rendered actions menu
Bug JSW-6969 In the Create Project and Board dialog, clicking on "learn more" replaces the current page and loses all my data
Bug JSW-6953 GH upgrade fails if there is an issue type screen scheme with no entities
Bug JSW-6941 IE8: Visual defect in restful table
Bug JSW-6934 Detail View 3rd party tabs incorrectly using entry.toolTip instead of entry.label for the title
Bug JSW-6912 GH will not upgrade if the Epic Status custom field's configurations have been changed
Bug JSW-6883 Number Field With Default Value Break in Classic Planning Board
Bug JSW-4909 Multi user picker default value don't get stored properly when issue created via GH
Bug JSW-4736 Default value for multi user picker field is not rendered correctly


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