GreenHopper 6.1.6 Release Notes

4 April 2013

The Atlassian team announces the release of GreenHopper 6.1.6, bringing you:

This release also includes a number of fixes.

Upgrading to GreenHopper 6.1.6 is free for all customers with an active GreenHopper license.

If you are using GreenHopper "behind-the-firewall" (that is, if GreenHopper is installed on-premises at your site), you can upgrade GreenHopper via the JIRA Plugin Manager. Before upgrading, please read the GreenHopper 6.1.6 Upgrade Notes.

If you are using GreenHopper OnDemand, please watch the JIRA Agile OnDemand Release Summary for the latest updates.


New gadget: Days Remaining in Sprint

This gadget shows how long you have before the current sprint ends. Great for team wallboards.


New gadget: Sprint Burndown

This much-requested gadget shows the actual and estimated amount of work to be done in a sprint:

You can choose to always automatically display the current sprint.


Create Versions in GreenHopper

For your convenience, versions can now be created directly from the Versions panel in Plan mode:

(It is intended that the Version Start Date will, in a near future release of GreenHopper, be used when calculating the Projected Release Date on the Version Report.)

(info) Your administrator will need to activate Release Planning in JIRA Agile Labs before you can create versions in GreenHopper.


View trend lines on the Version Report

The Version Report now shows trend lines, which help to illustrate the predicted release date:

(info) Your administrator will need to activate Release Planning in JIRA Agile Labs before you can view the Version Report.


Updates and Fixes in this release

GreenHopper 6.1.6 includes the following updates and bug fixes:


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