JIRA Agile 6.3 Release Notes

26 August 2013

Meet the new JIRA Agile

(Formerly known as GreenHopper)


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JIRA Agile 6.3 Upgrade Notes

What's in a name?

Quite a lot, including the ability to confuse people, as was the case with an Agile tool available via the Agile tab in JIRA but known by the unrelated name of "GreenHopper". To rectify this, your favourite Agile planning and management tool will from today onwards be known as JIRA Agile. Read this blog post for more information.

Please be assured that your existing licenses and support entitlements are unchanged. This is a change of product name only.

Epics and Sprints are now first-class citizens of JIRA

The change in name from GreenHopper to JIRA Agile is not just cosmetic. It is part of a move to align JIRA Agile more closely with JIRA. Both sprints and epics now behave like any other property of JIRA issue — you will see this reflected in the following new features:

Sprints Epics

Changes introduced in this release:

  • search for issues in upcoming sprints using JQL
  • view the sprint for an issue in the Detail View of the JIRA issue navigator
  • sprints related to issues are now included when exporting search results to Excel

(warning) Note: Issues now belong exclusively to sprints. Please read Sprint Marker Migration for important information about how this will affect your data.

Changes introduced in GreenHopper 6.2.2:

  • associate a story with an epic, from within JIRA
  • move a story to a different Epic, from within JIRA
  • add a story to an empty Epic, from within JIRA
  • view the name of an Epic in the Epic Link field in your JIRA Issue Navigator
  • use autocomplete for the Epic Link parameter in JQL
  • epics related to issues are now included when exporting search results to Excel

The two changes to sprints are also part of our work to make future sprints into proper objects in JIRA, so that you can perform common operations on them. You will see more of this in future releases of JIRA Agile.

Adding issues to a sprint in progress

You can now add issues to a sprint in progress. Until now, adding an issue to an active sprint was not possible in JIRA Agile, as this action changes the scope of the sprint.

In addition to this, you will be shown a warning when adding issues to an active sprint. This explains the consequences of adding issues to an active sprint and prevents you from accidentally doing so.

Notable features from the 6.2.x releases

JIRA Agile 6.3 bundles up all of the features introduced in the 6.2.x releases. If you haven't been using any of the 6.2.x releases, here's what you've missed:

New look and feel (from 6.2.1): JIRA Agile now has a modernised look and feel that is consistent with other Atlassian applications. Some convenient new features include better scrolling: scroll the version, epic, backlog panels and detail view independently in Plan mode (Scrum boards); scroll the swimlanes panel and detail view independently in Work mode (all boards).

Flagging (from 6.2.3): You can now indicate impediments by flagging them. Flagged cards will be displayed in yellow (in both Work mode and Plan mode), with the "flag" icon replacing the Priority icon.

Sprint health gadget (from 6.2.5): The GreenHopper Sprint Health Gadget displays a colour-coded bar graph showing a concise summary of the issues in a specified sprint. The gadget also displays other handy information about the progress of the sprint and participants in the sprint. This gadget is also Wallboard-capable.

For a list of all the major new features added since GreenHopper 6.2, please see the JIRA Agile Release Summary.

And more!

Click to view a complete list of other features and improvements in this release:

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T Key Summary
Suggestion JSW-5773 Ability to use the Upcoming Sprint value or name in JQL searches
Suggestion JSW-6854 Ability to edit the 'Epic Link' when creating or editing issue from issue view in JIRA
Suggestion JSW-4544 As a (Scrum) Rapid board user, I need to flag issues as impediments
Suggestion JSW-6539 As a user, I would like to be able to associate an issue to an Epic from JIRA
Suggestion JSW-2526 As a GH / Kanban user, I would like to flag a ticket as Ready
Suggestion JSW-6426 It would be helpful for a user to be able to select epic as a preconfigured swimlane on the scrum boards
Suggestion JSW-7874 ADG GH: Resizable Detail View
Bug JSW-5741 Closing an issue in a Simplified Workflow Kanban leaves Resolution as 'Unresolved'
Bug JSW-9158 Incorrect suggestion on the Epic link field on the issue creation screen
Bug JSW-8789 Change issue details fixed size
Bug JSW-5308 GreenHopper throws errors when accessed in IE10
Suggestion JSW-8799 Resizable issue details window in GreenHopper
Suggestion JSW-7753 Swimlane by epic
Bug JSW-7297 Weird time-in-column sums in hover detail of issues in control chart
Suggestion JSW-8053 As a user I want to be able to see the Epic Name as a column in Issue Navigator searches
Bug JSW-7047 Epic "Mark as Done" gives an Error: "You do not have permission to edit issues in this project."
Suggestion JSW-8667 Allow to set resolution in Simplified Workflow
Bug JSW-9428 Saved Filter not editable after JIRA integrate with LDAP
Suggestion JSW-8864 As a user, I'd like to adjust Detail View Width on the 'Plan' mode since is smaller than the previous versions
Bug JSW-8320 Javascript error on Kanban board when pressing escape while releasing a Version
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