JIRA Agile 6.7 Release Notes


29 April 2015

JIRA Agile 6.7 adds a number of features that make it easier to work with sprints, such as improvements to the JIRA search and the ability to set default sprint durations when starting sprints. We've also included a new Version Report gadget in this release.

Classic boards have been removed in this release. Read our announcement below for details.

JIRA Agile 6.7 Upgrade Notes

New features and changes in this release

Classic boards removed from JIRA Agile

As previously announced, Classic boards and gadgets have been removed from JIRA Agile in this release. We haven't made this change lightly and have taken your feedback on board throughout this process. If you haven't read The Future of JIRA Agile yet, please read it to understand the background behind this change. 

If you haven't migrated your Classic boards to the new board yet, you will need to do so before upgrading to this release. See Migrating from Classic Boards for instructions.

  How do I know if I am using a Classic board?

 If you are not sure whether you are using a newer Agile board or an older Classic board, you can distinguish the two via the page URL. When viewing a newer Agile board, the URL of the page will include the word 'rapid' (e.g. RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=524)whereas a Classic board will not.

Version Report gadget

The Version Report can now be shown as a gadget, making it easier to view and share. The Version Report gadget is wallboard-compatible, so your whole team can keep track of how they are progressing towards the completion of the version.

Default sprint durations for new sprints

JIRA Agile now provides a number of default sprint durations (1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks) that you can choose from when starting a new sprint. Don't worry if these sprint durations don't suit your team, you can still specify your own start and end dates for a sprint, if you wish. This custom sprint duration will be persisted for your next sprint too.

The 'Start Sprint' dialog now displays the number of working days in the sprint as well, helping you plan your sprints more effectively.

Order JIRA search results by sprint

You can now sort search results in the issue navigator by the Sprint field. Just add the Sprint field as a column in your issue navigator and you will be able to sort your results by clicking the Sprint column's header.

Status of parent issue shown on the swimlanes

When viewing issues with subtasks in the Active sprints (Scrum) or Kanban board (Kanban), you can now see the status of the parent issue in its swimlane header. This makes it easier for you to get all the information that you need about your issues, at a glance.

Supported platforms changes

We are ending support for JIRA 6.1 and JIRA 6.2 in this release. See the upgrade notes for details.

Updates and fixes in this release

6.7.0 — 29 April 2015


This is the first 6.7.x version made available for download.

  View updates and fixes...

Key Summary T Fix Version/s
JSW-6925 Investigate SQL query count executed for a single request Suggestion 6.7.0
JSW-8703 Attempting to Index with JIRA Agile(GreenHopper) enabled throws a UndeclaredThrowableException or a NullPointerException Bug 6.7.0
JSW-8515 Epic Link on the issue navigator is not sorted base on the Epic key Bug 6.7.0
JSW-6511 As a JIRA administrator I would like a disable classic menu item in the GH labs so that I can stop people using the classic view Suggestion 6.7.0
JSW-12005 Not able to edit dates for versions on "Backlog" view Bug 6.7.0
JSW-12208 XML API does not export sprint name data then it makes JIRA Issue Macro in Confluence displays incorrect data Bug 6.7.0
JSW-10515 Extra text for Card Color tab Suggestion 6.7.0
JSW-10130 Enable sorting by "Epic Link" field Suggestion 6.7.0
JSW-11347 Quick Create Issue from Epic causing performance issue Bug 6.7.0
JSW-11680 Error rapidViewId when trying to access non-existent board Bug 6.7.0
JSW-11984 Add field from issue panel is not working from the Agile board Bug 6.7.0
JSW-11580 Update warning message when Rank is disabled due to Descending sort order Suggestion 6.7.0
JSW-5397 As a Scrum user I can see a parent issue's status displayed in the swimlane so that I can easily scan the taskboard Suggestion 6.7.0
JSW-11487 Internal Server Error on Agile Boards Bug 6.7.0
JSW-11697 JIRA Agile doesn't handle Renamed Users correctly Bug 6.7.0
JSW-7664 It would be useful to sort issues on the Issue Navigator by the Sprint field Suggestion 6.7.0
JSW-11209 Version name and Description fields are editable but they don’t save changes on Agile plan mode Bug 6.7.0
JSW-7809 Ability to customize the default duration of a Sprint Suggestion 6.7.0
JSW-10691 Create Version Report Gadget Suggestion 6.7.0
JSW-11604 Copy board does not copy administrator Bug 6.7.0

The JIRA Agile 6.7 team


Abhi Kishore

Andreas Knecht

Andrew Semple

Bartlomiej Lewandowski

Bradley Ayers

Brydie McCoy

Carlos Khatchikian

Chris Darroch

Chris Fuller

David Tang

Eduardo Soares

Elena Vasilyeva

Eric Sukmajaya

Fabian Krämer

Filip Rogaczewski

Gilmore Davidson

Grzegorz Tanczyk

Hao Ho

Ivo Bosticky

Jacek Jaroczynski

Jaiden Ashmore

Jaime Sanchez

James Hazelwood

James Winters

Jason Sheehy

Jimmy Kurniawan

Kamil Kaczmarczyk

Kiran Shekhar

Klaus Paiva

Krzysztof Kercz

Luke Durkan

Luke Esther

Maciej Kwidzinski

Maciej Nowakowski

Marcos Scriven

Marek Pazik

Mark Lassau

Martin Jopson

Martin Meinhold

Michael Elias

Michael Tokar

Michal Orzechowski

Nhat Tran

Patrick Teen

Paulwyn Devasundaram

Paweł Niewiadomski

Piotr Klimkowski

Remus Mate

Richard Cordova

Rob Chatfield

Roman Tekhov

Sebastian Pawlak

Sergio Cinos

Slawek Ginter

Son Tang Hai Ngoc

Symphony Wong

Thanh Nguyen

Theodora Tse

Tim Cinel

Trevor Campbell

Wojciech Urbanski


Ahmad Danial

Ala Al-Shargabi

Andre Petry

Arthur Gonçalves

Anna Cardino

Bejoy Jaison

Benito Picarelli

Boris Berenberg

Brian Cruz

Bruna Griebeler

Chung Park Chan

Clarissa Gauterio

Daniel Leng

Daniel Santos

Daniel Watania

Danilo Conrad

Daryl Chuah

Dave Nicholson

David Chan

David Currie

David Di Blasio

David Mason

Davy Sjauw Mook

Dobroslawa Wierzbicka

Eric Kieling (team lead)

Gan VoonKiat (team lead)

Gary Sackett

Ibrahim Labras

Ivan Maduro

Ivan Tse (team lead)

James Giles IV

Janet Albion

Jason Worley

Jeff Curry (team lead)

Joao Palharini

Joe Wai Tye

John Chin Kim Loong

Jose Castro

Julian Rahmadiputra

Justin Burke

Kathryn Grier

Luciano Fagundes

Marcus Almeida

Matheus Fernandes

Matthew Hunter (team lead)

Mauro Badii

Melissa Klingler

Michael Andreacchio (team lead)

Mick Nassette

Muhammad Fahd

Nick Mason

Paul Greig

Pedro Cora

Pedro Souza

Pelle Kirkeby

Pietro Schaff

Richie Gee

Rodrigo Rosa

Rosario Saputra

Ruchi Tandon

Shannon Mackie

Shayne Covey

Taiwo Akindele

Tim Evans

Vicky Kharisma

Viet Dung

Yew Teck En

Zulfadli Noor Sazali

Product Management

Martin Jopson


Dan Radigan

Jake Brereton



Benjamin Humphrey

Dean Hudson


Kiran Shekhar

Technical Writing

Andrew Lui

Service Enablement 
Ben Magro

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