JIRA Agile 6.7.7 Release Notes

13 July 2015

The Atlassian team announces the release of JIRA Agile 6.7.7. This point release contains a number of features as well as several updates and fixes. Upgrading to this version of JIRA Agile is free to all customers with active JIRA software maintenance.


Change estimation statistic on Sprint Burndown Chart

You don't need to change the configuration of a board to use a different estimation statistic anymore. Just select the desired estimation statistic in the dropdown on the board and the chart will dynamically update. The change is only visible for the current user, and is saved for the user. 

Priority field can now be added to the Issue Detail View

If you like using the Issue Detail View, you'll be glad to know that you can now configure it to show the Priority field of an issue. Just go to Board > Configure > Issue Detail View and you can add it as a General Field.

Upgrading JIRA Agile

What do I do if I have problems with JIRA Agile?

If you run into problems when installing/upgrading JIRA Agile or using it after an upgrade, please contact our support team. This is the fastest way to get your problems addressed. The support team can work with you to figure out what is going wrong, and if there is a bug with JIRA Agile, they will escalate it to our development team.

General upgrade notes

Before upgrading, please read the JIRA Agile 6.7 Release Notes

  • If you are using JIRA Agile with JIRA Server, upgrade via the JIRA Plugin Manager.
    • Note, if your JIRA instance cannot access the internet, download the add-on separately (from the Atlassian Marketplace) and install the add-on file by upload, as described here: Installing Add-ons.
  • If you are using JIRA Agile with JIRA Cloud, subscribe to our blog for the latest updates (see this page for instructions). Please note that JIRA Agile may be released for JIRA Server several days before it is updated for JIRA Cloud. To find out what version of JIRA Agile is running in JIRA Cloud, see Application Versions.

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