How do I configure the Story Points field to be displayed in my Scrum board

If you plan to use Story Points as the Estimation statistic and Tracking Statistic  for your agile board, then there are several things to check if you can't get the Story points field to display properly in Plan/Work mode:

I can't see my Story Points field in the Issue Detail View

Custom fields in JIRA (story points is a custom field) can be configured with a context that restricts it's usage to certain projects and/or issue types. To check this, please go to Administration >> Custom Fields. Look out for the Available Context(s) column.

By default the Story Points field is only configured for Epic and Story issue types. So if you have a board with Story and Bug issue types, you won't be able to see the Story Points field for all bugs in that board. 

I have configured the Story Points context, but I still can't see my Story Points field

If your board is configured to use Story Points as the estimation statistic, then the story points field is actually the Estimate field in the issue detail view, like so:

If you have not configured the board to use Story Points as estimation, then you will need to add the Story Points field to the issue detail view, as per described in Configuring the Issue Detail View.

I want to be able to see the Story Points of issues in the Work Mode directly

To show Story Points directly on the issue itself in Work Mode, you need to set the Tracking Statistic of your board to none, which means "Use the estimation statistic as the tracking statistic". (See Configuring Estimation and Tracking)

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