How do I get a board to point to multiple projects

This FAQ is for users attempting to create a board containing issues from more than one project.

Step-by-step guide

Understanding Agile boards in JIRA

Boards in JIRA gather their issues based on JIRA filters assigned to them. Any working JIRA filter can be utilized by an Agile board. If your filter contains issues from more than one project so can the Agile board it's been assigned to.

New Boards

  • When you create a Board, it will ask if you want to create a board based off of a pre-existing project or projects, select this option, and select all of the projects that you want to have represented in the Board.

Existing Boards

Create a filter containing the different projects you wish to be included in your board and share it if desired. Then go into the configuration menu of your existing board. Select the filter you've just created as the main filter utilized by the board.

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