How do I sort the backlog

This FAQ is for JIRA Agile Administrators.

Background information

The backlog can be sorted depending on the filter you are using in that particular board. 

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Accessing the board's filter settings

  1. Click on the Board drop-down menu button on the top right corner.

  2.  Select Configure from the drop-down menu.

  3.  You should be able to see the Filter tab showing the list of filter settings.

  4.  Click on the Edit Filter Query link to edit the filter. (This will bring you to the Issue Navigator) Add the ORDER BY clause to the filter itself to sort the results.

  5. Examples:

    project = "ABC" ORDER BY assignee ASC
    project = "CDE" ORDER BY Rank ASC
  6. Remember to save the filter changes in the Issue Navigator, or else the changes wont reflect.

Important Note

If you sort the filter using any other field other than the JIRA Agile Rank field, you will not be able to rank (drag-and-drop) issues on the board's backlog.

Ranking requires that the filter be sorted using the Rank field. When attempting to rank an issue, you will be able to see this error message:

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